Storrie Lake, NM

Storrie Lake State Park, NM, US, (elevation 6,600 ft) located 4 miles  north of Las Vegas, New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is an 81 acre park with the lake itself having a surface area of approximately 1,100 acres.  Open year round.



This peaceful lake offers vast opportunities for fishing, bird watching, windsurfing, cross country, and boating.


Park activities include hiking and camping with a variety of campsites – A large lake shore area for primitive camping (grassy and has few trees) practically allows anglers to fish from the comfort of their campsites. There are also developed RV sites several feet from the lake and some back away from the lake – depending on your preference. These developed sites have cabana type shelters and are shaded by large cottonwoods.

There is also a group shelter (close to restrooms and boating dock)
Having children (one being autistic) I look for certain things at parks –

There are restrooms and a large playground. The playground is not close to the water.



As always, New Mexico State Parks camp spots can be reserved here – many parks also offer first come first serve camping.


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