Ghost Ranch, NM

click on image to see full size

Ghost Ranch is a 21,000-acre retreat and education center located close to the village of Abiquiú in Rio Arriba County in north central New Mexico, United States. Over 300 classes are offered each year in this beautiful setting.

200 million years ago Ghost Ranch and the American Southwest were located close to the equator, and had a warm, monsoon-like climate with heavy seasonal precipitation.Ghost Ranch includes a famous palaeontological site preserving Triassic dinosaurs. Fossil bones were found here as early as 1885

Ghost Ranch’s redrock scenery attracted many like Georgia O’Keefe, who fell in love with the geography, and soon split her time between living in New York and New Mexico. It also has attracted many filmmakers over the years. Including:

To say that this place is beautiful is an understatement that also shows in the photo above. Seeing something this stunning in a photo is nothing compared to seeing it with your own eyes. I highly recommend going there and be sure to visit the Anthropology museum.

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