Warm Springs (Dowdell’s Knob), Georgia

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a frequent visitor (41 trips) to Warm Springs from 1924-1945. Dowdell’s Knob was one of his favorite spots for both quiet contemplation and picnics. FDR visited this spot overlooking Pine Mountain Valley as a private citizen, as governor of New York and as 32nd president of the U.S.

He wanted more people to visit the area and urged the building of the scenic highway across Pine Mtn. and the construction of the spur here (1937)
President Roosevelt had the grill built to help him enjoy picnics in his more formal style. He preferred linen-draped tables with hot dishes served from silver. In place of a blanket he preferred to sit on a chair or on an automobile seat placed on the ground.

FDR came here to contemplate the upcoming founding of the United Nations and the Americans dying on Okinawa and in Germany during his final trip to Warm Springs, April 1945.

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