Weed, CA

The LA Times said the fire “destroyed or damaged 150 buildings, tearing at some of the town’s most important institutions. The fire consumed two churches, a library and a community organization that aided the poor. Machinery at the town’s mill, which processes materials for plywood, was destroyed, and it was unclear when scores of residents would be able to return to work there. Blocks and blocks of houses were reduced to piles of ash and charred kitchen appliances. Husks of cars sat in driveways.”
Also “hundreds of residents had to evacuate from Weed and other communities. Many were left with split-second decisions about what to take and what to leave. One woman grabbed a stack of cash her family had saved. A man tucked away prized photographs. Some had only the clothes on their back.”


My eldest daughter and I had a recent trip out to the west coast. There were many little cities and towns that we came across and one of them was Weed, CA (Sept 2). This was quite an adorable little town at the foothills of the spectacular Mt Shasta.

Hearing about the recent fire and severe losses; broke my heart.


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